Dates: Sun 21st (afternoon) – Sun 28th (after lunch) August 2022 
Venue: Instituto, Rua dos Clérigos 44 R/C 4050-204 Porto, Portugal

Dancing Architects is delighted to be back in action, this year in Porto, Portugal! A hearty invitation to a journey of spatial choreography, exploring the way we engage, perceive, and create space by moving.

A transdisciplinary exploration, the DA22 will take you to a personal journey of architectural choreography.
Invigorating movement sessions will awaken our spatial awareness, while playful activities experiment with architectural ideas. With individual inner motivations and senses, participants will learn to express embodied ideas through the physicality of the body and choreography in relation to people and movement; to objects and built constructs; to the streets and urban behaviours; transcending time and space. Together, we will work towards creating shared experiences in the form of performance as an experimental architectural dialogue.
Nestled within the heart of the city, our field of operation this summer is an artist residency space at INSTITUTO, our partner in Porto. The urban streets and public spaces rich with culture and culinary delight will also be our playgrounds. There will be a day of excursion to visit wonderful architectures that Porto has to offer.

Open to all who study and work in Architecture
No prior experience in dance and choreography necessary!

Spaces are limited to 12 participants max. Apply early to avoid disappointment!
Application will close on 31st July 2022.
Dates: Sun 21st (afternoon) – Sun 28th (after lunch) August 2022 
Venue: Instituto, Rua dos Clérigos 44 R/C 4050-204 Porto, Portugal
Fees: £480
Fees incl.: workshops, seminars, building visits, basic materials, most lunches & two dinners
Fees excl. :travel and accommodation, and other meals
(For accommodation, we have a limited number of rooms available nearby. If you would like to book the accommodation as well, please let us know on the application form.)

– Workshop is carried out in English
– Participants will need to be 18 years of age or older by Sun 21 Aug to participate in the workshop 
– All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required.

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