Lasalle College of the Arts invites you toArrhythmia: Performance Pedagogy and Practice
The keynotes of the conference are Peter Sellars and Melati Suryodarmo. Registration links are below. All are welcome. 
Peter Sellars: Critical COVID-19 Creative Work: Kindness, Care, and Repair(3 June 2021, 8am NYC / 1pm London / 8pm Singapore)
COVID-19 and its variants have arrived overwhelmingly in our lives as terrible afflictions and tragedies. Tragedy is, by its nature, often humanly preventable, and enters our lives as a message and a teaching. COVID-19 has shockingly exposed longstanding inequality, injustice, and toxic human and environmental degradation that are lethal to life on this planet. We have 10 years to make major changes in the ways we are living. Of course, most of our institutions are resistant to change and devastatingly slow to demonstrate real change. How do we, as artists, de-institutionalise our thinking and our actions to demonstrate meaningful, powerful, and liberating change in our lives and in the world?

Melati Suryodarmo: Artist’s Studio as an Open Space 

(4 June 2021, 8am NYC / 1pm London / 8pm Singapore)
Art delivers life in a very special way, especially during these times, when the end of a crisis has been delayed or overdue. When the pandemic increases uncertainties in many aspects of art practices, our creativity drives us to find many ways to overcome the situation. Day by day, we explore our desire to continue creating and working, and our pace towards the future increasingly clear. And yet, although our digital technologies provide many possibilities to connect with the world despite distances, we discover various challenges in our artistic process. Studio Plesungan, which Melati opened in 2012 for public programs, has been an important part of her artistic work. It was created in order to empower the artistic community through education and laboratory projects. It was supposed to offer open spaces for explorations for young artists and art students and to develop a strategy of learning processes with a special focus on the intersection of sustainable life and artistic work. During the pandemic, however, our activities have been operated virtually. This has brought some issues for performance students, whose physical practices have been replaced into an ineffective way of learning. In her presentation, Melati will share some thoughts and alternative strategies which she has been experimenting with and practicing in Studio Plesugan’s performance education programs since last year.

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